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State of Rams Nation: Ownership and satisfaction

If you read the papers, one columnist in particular, the transient ownership situation has the St. Louis Rams stuck firmly in purgatory, making the fans unhappy and sending them away in droves. I disagree, but let's take an unscientific poll to get our finger on the pulse of Rams Nation.

I work with polling on a pretty regular basis, so I'm extremely leery of tainting the results. Therefore, I encourage you to vote first and then read my feelings on fandom and the state of the Rams franchise.

As annoying as the ownership situation is for fans, especially those in the city of St. Louis, I don't think it's quite at the point of affecting fans and their relationship with the team.

Six wins over the last three seasons has done more than enough to send the casual fans away, leaving the most loyal. Another season like the last three and lots of those fans will turn their attention elsewhere, at least until the team starts to get things on track. Nobody likes to spend three hours of their Sunday afternoon watching their favorite team get it handed to them over and over again. Nobody.

The draft and what kind of potential it holds for when the Rams take the field will have a much bigger impact on fans and their relationship to the team than the ownership saga.

Now, that's not to say that the ownership situation can't become a major distraction, and when it starts to impact the product on the field, we've got real problems. For now, the shifting tides of team ownership are further in the background than everyone inside the cubed walls of a slowly dying newsroom realizes.