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Broncos trade Scheffler to the Lions

You can cross one of the armchair GM's tight end trade candidates for the St. Louis Rams off the list. The Broncos moved TE Tony Scheffler to the Lions as part of a three-way deal that sent Lions LB Ernie Sims to Philly. The Broncos got a fifth round pick for Scheffler. 

It's a little strange to me. Detroit has a young TE in Brandon Pettigrew, widely considered the best TE in last year's draft and Detroit's second pick in the first round (#20). Pettigrew is still recovering from a torn ACL. His availability for the start of the season is no sure thing, so this trade gives them some solid insurance. 

Considering the Broncos were said to be asking for a third round pick, the Lions got a pretty good deal on a player that the Rams were said to be interested in at one point in time. I'm glad they didn't give up their third round pick, but if the price eventually came down to a fifth rounder, it would have been nice to see the Rams, who need offensive playmakers, land him. Oh well. There are plenty of transactions yet to come, and Devaney might be hoarding his draft picks to see what shakes out this weekend. Can't fault him for that.