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TST Community Mock Draft: Pick 26

And now it's the Cardinals' turn. Here's thisguy with the pick.

With the 26th pick in the draft, the Arizona Cardinals pick Brandon Spikes, LB, Florida.

Obviously, the Cards had a couple of major departures from their team this offseason(Boldin, Rolle, Urban). Now is the time to see if their QB heir-apparent is up to the task. I'm skeptical of Anthony Becht's ability to get open and pull the ball in for him, but using him as a blocking tight end might help Leinart out more anyway. The Cards have developed some pretty effective receivers over the past few years, which of course is easier when you have a champ like Warner throwing to you. Now it's up to Leinart to pick up the slack, and they'll probably give him a couple years to do so. Despite the departure of Urban and Boldin, the picks of Doucet and Breaston later in their drafts makes me think that the Cards aren't worried about finding and building talent at the WR position, and won't need to replace Fitz for a good 8-10 years, hopefully (for their sake, not ours).

The addition of Porter helps their LB core being anchored on the ends by former Steelers, though Haggans is getting a bit older. Rhodes should replace Rolle decently at FS. DRC is still a mainstay at corner, leaving McFadden to deal with the 2's. Dockett is in his prime, and is playing pretty well; though Bryan Robinson is getting older, and would serve better in a mentor role to a young, strong NT to anchor their line. OLB could be a pick, but would be developmental while Haggans is still on the roster, and Porter now, for that matter.

My pick for the Cards is: LB Brandon Spikes, Florida

I almost went with Terrence Cody, but Spikes seems to be more bang for the buck, especially as he'll be mentored by 2 pretty good former Steelers LBs. He should be a good force against the run, and should be able to improve his pass protection over time. Either direction the Cards went, they don't have any glaring holes that have to be filled, having amassed pretty good depth over the past few years.

VanRam: The Cardinals are getting a nice little defense in place. 

We're ready to move on and it's time for pick 27. Head over here and get your selections made ASAP. The Cowboys are on the clock.