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Kroenke part of league's Los Angeles stadium committee

If you've already purchased your Sam Bradford customized St. Louis Rams jersey, don't despair. You'l got until at least 2015, the year the Rams hit an out clause in their lease agreement for the Dome. This news does however take away any solace fans in the St. Louis Metro might have had about whether or not our Rams would be around after that date. 

The fact is that it's just too damn early to tell. If the Rams get their franchise on the right track and start winning games sooner rather than later, then staying in St. Louis remains a viable option. Bradford, assuming the Rams draft him, would ideally be hitting the best years of his career around 2014. A sold out Dome increases the likelihood of a stadium solution in the city or surrounding area. 

There are bunches of factors to consider here. LA could be a nice leverage tool for Kroenke, assuming he gets approved in his ownership bid, to get a new facility in St. Louis. Then, there's always the possibility of a team moving to LA prior to that 2015 date. Yes, I realize Los Angeles is a big market capable of sustaining two professional sports teams, but that doesn't mean the market can sustain enough interest in two NFL teams. I'm sure the economy will improve by that date too, but to what level? St. Louis is pretty hard hit right now, can it recover to the point of supporting an NFL team and a new stadium? 

Yes, a move could very well happen, and Kroenke is not the kind of guy who wouldn't make it so if he thought it was the right move for business. The league might or might not be committed to keeping a team in STL, which could factor into the approval process. Lots could happen.

The bottom line for fans: same as it ever was, we want to see this team get turned around and start winning games again, then we'll worry about where they play.