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Kroenke not planning to ask NFL to change cross-ownership rules

According to a report from the Canadian Press (eh?), NFL rep Greg Aiello told the press that Stan Kroenke will not ask the league to set aside their cross-ownership rules in his attempt to purchase complete control of the St. Louis Rams

Here's Aiello's quote:

[Kroenke] is not seeking a waiver of the rule. He has always said he would comply with our rules.

That means he would most likely hand over control of the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche to his son or someone else in the family. He would still retain ownership of the Pepsi Center which is very lucrative in and of itself. 

This is the second report to surface within 24 hours saying that Kroenke will offload his two Denver franchises. It's still not being widely reported, but a source quoting a league spokesperson is pretty telling. 

If Kroenke does play it this way, it could speed up the timeline for his approval.