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Kroenke still faces speed bumps

Unfortunately, Stan Kroenke's attempt to buy the St. Louis Rams will not be an easy 20-yard field goal. It seems like nothing is easy for the Rams. 

First and foremost, is the little matter of the NFL's cross-ownership rules, which Kreonke would have to somehow get around because he owns two pro sports franchises in another NFL market (the Denver NBA and NHL team). Word trickled out last night that he might hand over control of those two properties to a family member in order to skirt the NFL's rule on something of a technicality. That's not a done deal either, and it's still not being reported widely, which make me think it's at least very hard to confirm right now. When asked about this move by PFT, the league would not comment

The PD reports this morning that the deal with Kroenke could take months. Not ideal, I still think that as long as it's wrapped up by the time the season starts the franchise can keep plowing forward. The struggle between Kroenke and league will fill the void of the summer months which could put the front office on edge as they try to negotiate rookie contracts. However, they have the rookie salary money put aside by all accounts, so barring something unusual, the Rams should be able to get their draft picks under contract.