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TST Community Mock Draft: Pick 21

Top 20 now in the books, it's time for the TST Community Mock Draft to steam roll through to #32. RamintheUK, who do have for the Bengals?

With pick #21, the Cincinnati Bengals take Taylor Mays, S, USC.

With Iupati and Bryant off the board, that left Jared Odrick, Jason Pierre-Paul and Taylor Mays, and I've got Mays as BPA of those 3. He also continues the Bengals practise of drafting USC defensemen.

Scouts have described Mays as a big hitting safety with questionable coverage skills; I remember people saying the same about Roy Williams and under Mike Zimmer's guidance he got selected for 5 straight Pro Bowls. The Bengals LB's provide a lot of pass coverage anyway, but Mays can learn coverage technique under Zimmer and Roy Williams for a year or two and still put in the big hits whenever Zimmer desires.

VanRam: The Bengals had a pretty good secondary last year, so maybe they don't need Mays to develop his coverage skills just yet. 

Alright, get you picks turned-in and we'll move thing onward and upward!