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TST Community Mock Draft: Pick 20

Rounding out the top 20 of the TST Community Mock Draft, it's the Houston Texans. Here with their pick is Danteslion.

The Houston Texans, with the 20th pick, select Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno State.

Alright this pick came down to the wire, I narrowed it down to two player Mathews and CB Kyle Wilson from Boise State. Ultimately this came down to a size issue, i wasn't comfortable taking Wilson because being only 5'10" i had concerns with how he would match up against bigger physical receivers. i.e Randy Moss etc.....Ryan Mathews is a beast imagine SJax's size minus 3 inches he has a pretty decent 40 time at 4.49. the only question mark i have with him is he doesn't catch many balls, but with Slaton also on the roster I dont foresee this being much of a problem. Wilson has amazing speed dont get me wrong he would be a decent pick but ive seen him over pursue ball carriers by quite a bit because of the end Slaton's sophomore season didnt give me much hope for the future and i think the trio of Schaub, Mathews, and Johnson could be great for years to come.........

VanRam: Like this pick. Danteslion got the second best RB in the draft, a player that could put that team over the top for the playoffs next season.