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Did Jimmy Clausen throw well enough to give the Rams a bargaining chip?

The St. Louis Rams have officially checked out three of the draft's top quarterback prospects, having jetted from Austin, TX earlier in the week for Colt McCoy's private workout to South Bend, IN yesterday for Jimmy Clausen's pro day. And what did we learn about the Rams' preference come draft day?


Rams GM Billy Devaney offered praise for the two QBs he saw this week that was virtually indistinguishable from what he said about Sam Bradford in the wake of his March 29 pro day. Others did offer plenty of praise for Clausen's audition, and the question now becomes can the Rams still legitimately consider him with the first overall pick? That probably won't happen unless contract talks with Bradford hit the skids, but it does seem that Clausen's workout should have at least given Devaney a bargaining chip. The Rams will host Clausen for a private visit in St. Louis next week.

The Rams will also be bringing Appalachian State QB/WR Armanti Edwards in for a visit next Tuesday and Wednesday. No word on whether the Rams have him as a QB or WR on their draft board. My guess would be WR, since they have two developmental QBs on the roster and Edwards is 6' 184 lbs. 

Here's a really interesting post taking the top prospects in this year's draft and comparing them to their best and worst case scenario NFL counterparts. A sampling:

Jimmy Clausen: Best - Aaron Rogers, Worst - JP Losman

Sam Bradford: Best - Kurt Warner, Worst - Chad Pennington

I'm assuming the Pennington comparison has mostly to due with the injury concerns. 

I'll have more from the TST Community Mock Draft throughout the day.