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Parsing McCoy's pro day

Now that you've had time to get over the minor heart attacks caused by today's April Fool's Day news, let's discuss some recent happenings from the college pro day scene that could have some relevance to the St. Louis Rams

We start in Austin, TX, where QB Colt McCoy answered questions about his health with a strong showing. Bradford's counterpart from across the Red River completed all 58 of the passes he threw. McCoy is an accurate QB, and that was on display yesterday. One knock against McCoy has always been his arm strength, but some of those watching yesterday felt that he did much better in that area than given credit for. Here's a report from Tony Pauline's Draft Insider:

...the Texas senior impressed all on hand with his accuracy and surprised them with his arm strength.

McCoy's passes displayed excellent speed and velocity. His outs were on the mark as receivers were not waiting on the ball as they left their breaks. McCoy's deep passes were spot on, and he hit pass catchers down the field in stride. Scouts and coaches on hand took note of the way McCoy was able to get the ball downfield and for the most part, did not have receivers slowing up in their routes...

All in all is was an incredibly successful day for McCoy and those on hand believe he significantly helped his draft stock. McCoy will now move into the middle part of round two, possibly a bit earlier.

Gil Brandt reports that former Rams offensive coordinator Al Saunders was reminded of the prep that Peyton Manning put into his pro day. In the same report, Brandt says many feel McCoy has a better arm than he gets credit for. Pete Carroll called it a C+, which I'm sure Texas fans will love to hear from the former USC coach. 

The Rams, who were not represented in Austin, have a private workout scheduled with McCoy, who could be a QB option should the Bradford thing not work out.

USC had their pro day yesterday too, and the intriguing DE Everson Griffen put on a dandy of a workout, including a sub-4.60 time in the 40-yard dash. Griffen appears anywhere from the mid-first to the second round of mock drafts, a reflection of concerns about his effort.