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Random Ramsdom: 4/1/2010

Wow. I have to say the Rams just dropped a bombshell. We have a lot of news to cover today, so let's delve right into it:
  • So here is the bombshell: reports are coming in that the Rams and Broncos have agreed to trade Steven Jackson and the Rams 2nd round selection (33rd) overall, for Brandon Marshall and and Broncos 1st round choice (11th). I'm not too sure if this is the right move, but I think the timing was right, Jackson wasn't getting any younger and the value for him was arguably the highest it could be. Sam Bradford and C.J. Spiller, anyone?
  • Bernie over at STLtoday is saying that some of the interior brass in the front office weren't too happy with Pat Shurmur and that he may be on the hot seat, if Khan is approved or not. Shurmur wasn't exactly the most loved guy on here, but c'mon. He needs at least another year.
  • In other, less startling news, the Rams are reportedly O.K. with Sam Bradford's shoulder. He looked fine at the pro day, and if the man who fixed Tom Brady says he is all good, that's fine with me.
  • Mike Sando also has a piece on the rise of Sam Bradford in this last month. I'm sorry if you don't want to hear about S.B., but it's probably going to be happening very, very, often.
  • Will at Ramsherd takes us back a few years to compare that one guy that nobody every talks about to John Elway.
  • Jeff over at Ramsgab has a clarification over the whole Khan-not-buying-the-Rams situation. Why do you have to ruin things for us twitter?
  • Could the Redskins set up a dream trade scenario? One can only hope.
It's a lot to soak in today, but as always, have a good Thursday!