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Looking at the first ten picks of the draft

How about a mock draft to give you a much needed break from the dizzying highs and terrifying lows of free agency? Since most mock drafts are only covering the first round and most seem to have gelled around the notion that Sam Bradford will be the St. Louis Rams selection with the first overall pick, I thought we might take a look at the first ten picks and any other red flags, big issues emerging about the draft. Today, let's take Rotoworld's mock draft.

1. Rams - Sam Bradford: We'll have plenty more to say about this down the road. For now, it looks like Adam Schefter's contention (made without talking to the Rams) has pretty much established how pundits are viewing that pick. Keep March 25 circled on your calendar.

2. Lions - OT Russell Okung - This might have been a surprise at one time, but with the Corey Williams trade this pick makes more sense. Think back to the Rams lone win last season and you can see what a glaring need OT is for Detroit. The Rams sacked Matt Stafford twice, the Rams.

3. Bucs - DT Ndamukong Suh - Is there anybody happier about the possibility of the Rams picking a QB first overall than the Bucs? The only thing that sweetens the deal is the potential for the Lions to go with Okung at #2.

4. Redskins - DT Gerald McCoy - If the draft shakes out this way, then McCoy is a real possibility here. However, do you draft a 3-4 DE with the fourth overall pick? Depending on what happens between now and April 22, I'd still look for Washington to draft Clausen or an OT (if one can make the case to be drafted here). Will McCoy continue to hold his draft value until April 22? This spot could be a prime candidate for trade.

5. Chiefs - WR Dez Bryant - If Eric Berry is on the board, that would be the pick, I think. C.J. Spiller could also get picked here.

6. Seahawks - QB Jimmy Clausen - If you buy the Pete Carroll, Clausen stories this would be the pick. It makes even more sense with Seneca Wallace gone now too.

7. Browns - S Eric Berry - This is a smart pick if Berry's on the board still. I think that he will not be, so I think it's more likely that the Browns go with CB Joe Haden or DE Derrick Morgan.

8. Raiders - OT Bruce Campbell - This makes sense purely for the Al Davis workout warrior theory. 

9. Bills - OT Trent Williams - Matches the need test, but will other OTs like Bryan Bulage or Anthony Davis get consideration?

10. Jaguars - DE Jason Pierre-Paul - This guy could be the draft's biggest bust or a Pro Bowler. His "measurables" will put him in consideration for Oakland. The Jags could go with Derrick Morgan or Dez Bryant here too, depending on how it shakes out. Texas S Earl Thomas might be a fit too. To me, this is another spot that's ripe for trade.

I keep noticing in the mock draft's lately that Idaho OG Mike Iupati is falling out of the first round, and C/G Maurkice Pouncey is moving up. Curious. Iupati has had major hype, and he has talent to be sure. If he falls out of the first round, the Rams would certainly have to consider him with their first pick of the second round. 

This draft is harder to predict than most because there's a concentration of talent worthy of late first round picks in most years that is extremely hard to separate this year.