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Fells off to New England?

The St. Louis Rams won't be coming back to Daniel Fells to fill the void on the roster at the tight end position. Not tendered a restricted free agent offer, Fells is reportedly close to a deal with the Patriots. According to the PD, the Rams were still in talks with Fells.

According to that source, PFT, they're considering him a blocking TE, but with Ben Watson likely leaving the Pats, they have to see some upside for Fells. Of course, Fells is more of a replacement for Chris Baker I would assume. 

I'm anxious to see how the Rams plan to fill the need at TE. Watson is visiting the Browns tomorrow, having already stopped in Seattle. There are some trade possibilities out there, most notably Tony Scheffler, that Devaney might pursue as well. Either way, they need help at TE.

James Hall is visiting the Saints immediately following Leonard Little. I don't know about both, but bringing back one of those guys is a good idea for the Rams. 

Here's someone asking a good question: Why is Antonio Bryant not getting much attention on the free agent market?