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Why McCoy is better than Suh, in McCoy's eyes

Oklahoma DT Gerald McCoy, a candidate for the St. Louis Rams first overall pick in the draft, joined Dan Patrick for his radio show and answered some questions about his draft status. 

McCoy's argument why he is better than Ndamukong Suh:

I think that my first step is faster and I am a little bit more of a speed guy and more of a pass rusher. Whereas he is just like a brute strength, run stopping guy… I am just more of an explosive guy. He just clogs holes and he gives you what you need.

That's comparison has been made about the two before, though most people seem to think the difference is negligible. 

And how about McCoy's message to the Rams front office and the rest of the team's draft braintrust: 

I am going to give you everything that I have got. I am going to give you one hundred percent of everything that I have. If I am not at one hundred that day, I am going to give you one hundred of where I am at. I am going to study the game. I want to learn. I have no problem learning. I have no problem sitting behind somebody until I get it right because I want to be at my best. If I am not at my best, don’t put me out there until I am and that is what I am going to give you. I am going to come in and I am going to produce and that is what I plan to do. You are going to get what you see is what you get. If you have seen this on film that is what I am bringing. I am not going to change that just because you paid me a little bit of money. I am coming as hard as I can.

Good answer.