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Cardinals waiting on another former Rams QB?

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A.J. Feeley...David Carr, the NFC West is rapidly becoming THE division for backup quarterback excitement. And that brings us to our quarterback related news of the day, this time it's about the St. Louis Rams erstwhile starting QB Marc Bulger

As you may recall, since he throttled us on a regular basis, the Arizona Cardinals helped put former Rams QB Kurt Warner back on the map, well, vice versa really. Could they now be interested in bringing in the man who stepped in for Warner in St. Louis, Marc Bulger? It's a distinct possibility says Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.

...I think they [the Cardinals] will be watching closely for when the Rams cut Marc Bulger. Who knows when that will come? The Rams might hang on to Bulger until after the draft, just to see how things shake out.

Bulger would be an excellent backup for a team like that, and it's real possibility that he could end up starting given the situation there. 

And remember those reports about the Rams possibly interested in bringing back Richie Incognito? Well, you can put away your giant foam "can't hear you" hand. Billy Devaney put the kibosh on that. Here's what the GM told the Globe Democrat:

That’s totally bizarre. Look, I love Richie. Everybody here does. Spags does. There is the 90 to 95 percent of Richie that is outstanding. It’s the other 5 or 10 when the dark Richie kicks in and it becomes a problem.

He was here to pick up some clothes or equipment. He was here about a month ago. We told him the door is always open any time he wants to stop by and say hello. But trust me, that’s all it is; just dropping by to say hello. Richie feels the same way. He knows with everything that’s gone on here, it’s best for him to be someplace else.

The lesson? If you visit Rams Park during the offseason, you will have a rumor circulate about you, whether you're just picking up that extra can of Right Guard or taking spare clothes home to get washed. 

A more interesting note from that same article, has Devaney saying that the team is speaking with some other tight ends to fill a very thin spot on the roster. What kind of guys? Established? Unknowns with potential? Stay tuned.