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Clarifying the TE picture

First off, let me issue a correction. I hastily threw up an earlier post speculating that the Bears may cut ties with TE Greg Olsen, a player of much conversation recently. The thing is, I misread the report I linked to, the report that actually said Desmond Clark. Apologies. Since we're on the subject, I thought it might be worth checking in on the situation with Olsen, since there has been some talk that he'd like to be traded. 

Word is that he's still available to interested teams, with Bears having traded away their early picks in this draft. The asking price is believed to be a second or third round pick. That probably leaves the Rams out of contention right now, unless trading takes a breather until the draft when teams start swapping picks. With the first pick of the second round, the Rams could really make things interesting as far as trades go. 

And what about Desmond Clark? Why not just bring back Fells if that's something the Rams would consider.

Ben Watson is available as a free agent, and surprisingly hasn't gotten much attention so far. Seattle is scheduled to meet with him on Monday. I don't know what the Rams front office is planning to do to address their need at TE, but Watson could be a nice addition. This may be a money question, as in how much money can the Rams really spend with ownership in transition.