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Reading the mock drafts, 3/7

Remember that thing, oh what was was all we talked about until the gates of free agency opened. Oh, I know, the draft. Conventional wisdom, whatever that is, has really solidified around the notion that the St. Louis Rams will select Sam Bradford with their first overall pick. 

Nothing's really happened in free agency to change that. You can read the Feeley signing as a veteran backup or gap-filled to break in a rookie QB, or you can look at it as the Rams bringing in a veteran backup for Bulger, something they've been doing in recent seasons anyway. I'm not sure the Feeley signing even negates the Michael Vick rumors, which should start up again once the headliner free agents are all signed. 

In the mock drafts, the first round's real excitement is what happens after the first pick, with the Lions having signed DT Corey WIlliams. For the Rams, you've got to go to the second round to get some variety. Let's take a look.

Over at Mocking the Draft, their most recent mock has the Rams taking Penn State OLB Navarro Bowman. Many consider Bowman to be the second best, non-3-4 OLB in the draft, behind Sean Weatherspoon. Penn State is Linebacker U, you know. Other potential second rounders based on that mock draft: TE Jermaine Gresham, WR Golden Tate, WR Damian Williams, OL Maurkice Pouncey, RB Jahvid Best. That draft goes to the third round, and predicts the Rams drafting S Reshad Jones form Georgia. He can play both safety spots and has some nice potential. However, based on this mock draft, the Rams might be better served picking either DE Austin Lane or DE Brandon Lane. Other possibilities per this mock, RB Jonathan Dwyer or WR Demaryious Thomas.

Debuting today, Matt's mock draft at Walter Football has the Bradford pick and then predicts the Rams taking WR Golden Tate with their first pick of the second round. Tate improved his stock at the Combine, and is an excellent route runner. NFL Draft Scout, whose rankings appear at CBS, has him ranked as the second best receiver in the draft.