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The draft's shifting landscape & the fate of Suh and McCoy

If you were too busy laughing at the ridiculous Dan Snyder-like deal the Bears were giving Julius Peppers yesterday, you might have missed the news that the Lions, who own the #2 pick in the draft, made a trade for DT Corey Williams. That move could really shake up the way fans have been expecting the NFL Draft to go next month.

The Lions were a favorite to take one of the two defensive tackles considered to be the two best players in the draft, Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy. With the Williams move, the Lions taking either one of those players with the second overall pick seems highly unlikely. Detroit could of course now be in a position to trade that pick, or perhaps draft Oklahoma State OT Russell Okung.

With Tampa picking third, one of the DTs would most likely go there, even if they trade the pick. With Washington picking fourth, it's unlikely that the defensive tackle being drafted after the third spot could fall further down the top ten. The Chiefs could use a nose tackle, but would either Suh or McCoy fit that bill? 

Much of this still hinges on who the Rams pick first overall next month. If they pick a QB and Detroit picks Okung, it will be interesting to see who the Redskins target. Will it be a QB or perhaps OT Bruce Campbell?