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Rams and day two of free agency

The sun rises on the second day of free agency. With backup QB A.J. Feeley now signed to a two-year, $6 million contract, will the St. Louis Rams venture toward any other free agent moves? They're bound to do something, and with the dust settled on the biggest names and contracts, teams can start getting to work on the smaller deals. 

Not much happened overnight related to the Rams, though I did read this report from Rotoworld that there are several teams making calls on Broncos WR Brandon Marshall, with Seattle being considered the leader. Hopefully, Seattle doesn't land the deal, but with two first round picks they have lots of flexibility to make things happen. As for the Rams, I just don't see how they can swing a trade of that size. They can't really afford to give up their top draft picks, and there's nobody on the roster (anyone that they're willing to trade) that they can use as trade bait for a superstar player like Marshall. Alex Barron?

Speaking of Barron, how would he fit with a team that uses cut blocking schemes on the offensive line? 

There's that other Denver player that the Rams have been linked to, TE Tony Scheffler. If the Brandon Marshall trade talks are going hot and heavy, the Broncos might be waiting to handle offers for Scheffler. He's tendered at the second round level, so they're under no rush to get a deal done. One report says Scheffler's agent is starting to look for a new landing spot for his client; although, word is that it could be a couple weeks before something happens. 

The Atogwe situation still makes some sense, though few seem to like it. The situation with Daniel Fells boggles the mind. If Fells walks, the Rams have one TE on the roster, blocking specialist Billy Bajema. They have to have some plans to bring in another player, even if they do bring back Fells. 

Stay tuned. And be sure to weigh-in on the fanposts, etc. when news breaks.