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Rams NOT among the teams making offers for McNabb

Another day, another twist to the Donovan McNabb trade rumors. After word surfaced that the St. Louis Rams were going to make McNabb their next QB by Friday - that's today - head coach Steve Spagnuolo said that the Rams had not had conversations about pursuing McNabb. That squares with latest news in the saga with the Eagles and McNabb. 

The latest news says that Eagles' brass is interested in trading McNabb, but head coach Andy Reid is not. There are definitely interested teams, but it sounds like that the list of suitors DOES NOT include the Rams. From the Philly Fox station's report:

There are many interested teams out there, but right now the Eagles are not accepting any offers yet.

Sources tell Fox 29's sports department that the St. Louis Rams are not one of those teams, contrary to some reports.

I'm sure we can expect a new wrinkle to the story any minute now.