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Contracts not offered the early story for Rams in free agency

And we're off...the NFL's 2010 league seasons has officially started, uncapped and all, and it's a flurry of free agent activity. For the St. Louis Rams, so far, the players they didn't offer contracts to comprise the most interesting news. 

Jumping out at me was that the RFA TE Daniel Fells did not receive a RFA tender. That does not preclude his return to the team, but it creates a real need for help at the TE spot. I think they coaches and staff believe that recently added Derek Fine can bring just as much to the table as Fells. I also can't help but wonder if the Rams won't be trying, if they aren't already, to make a move for a TE. We've covered the possibility of Broncos TE Tony Scheffler, and Billy Devaney has shown a willingness to spend the cash to fill essential needs, a la Jason Brown. Stay tuned.

I suspect the Rams didn't feel like DT Gary Gibson warranted the salary associated with the RFA tender, and I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't try to bring him back...unless his ankle and foot injury were the reason they didn't extend an offer to the undrafted DT who had a nice start to the season filling in for Adam Carriker.

Bringing back Richie Incognito? We'll see. There's no doubt he can play, but is it worth the headache and potential for a damning 15-yard penalty on 3rd-and-short?

I still just can't get my head around the Atogwe situation. Dumb moves are't commonplace with GM Billy Devaney. Atogwe is not a $7 million player. Playing under the franchise tag last season, the Rams paid him $6.3 million, just $100K less than Ed Reed. Atogwe brings something more than just a replacement level FS to the table, but are you really going to give him a contract that pays him Ed Reed money? That said, he's one of the few playmakers the Rams have on defense, and this decision makes it too easy for him to get away. I still think they're gambling on another team making him a reasonable offer and matching it, and with the uncertain state of the league's future teams might be less willing to jack up the price. At the very least, the Rams should try to trade him, but trading him with a $7 million price tag might be easier said than done, hence the decision.