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Spagnuolo denies the conversations about McNabb

As those sad looking old men said during the Super Bowl half time show: we won't get fooled again.

That's not really the best segue in the world, but it kind of relates to the rumor we've heard today about the Rams trading for Donovan McNabb

Anyone notice the layer of irony of this coming just a few months after Rush Limbaugh tried to join an ownership group bidding on the Rams? Far out. Anyway...

We can officially lay this one to rest. Check out what Steve Spagnuolo has to say on Sirius radio last night (via Sando):

There's been no talks about Donovan," Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo told Sirius radio's Scott Ferrall on Wednesday night.

Pressed further, Spagnuolo said, "No, there were no conversations.

That's a pretty firm denial of the rumor...or at least the potential of the Rams being on the verge of making it happen. For more on the QB intrigue, read the rest of Sando's post.