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More McNabb to the Rams talk

Oh boy, today brings more talk that the St. Louis Rams will make an attempt to acquire Eagles QB Donovan McNabb...and more news that the Eagles will not trade him

First, as pointed out by Reading Ram in this fanpost, rumors have surfaced that McNabb will be a Ram by Friday. The report at Rotoworld, expressing considerable disbelief, says that it would be for the Rams first pick of the second round. That's where I tend to get skeptical of this rumor.

That's a valuable piece of real estate for the Rams in this draft. If they keep it, they can get a real quality player, or they could trade it for maximum value (like more picks) when teams break for the night after the first round of the draft. A team that's been making every effort to bring in young talent surely wouldn't surrender one of their most valuable picks for a 33-year-old QB who has played 16 games just once in the last six years. If they opt to pass on a QB with their first round pick, they'd be likely to bring in a free agent, lower valued trade or bring back Bulger. Then there's this from the Rotoworld report:

For the Rams to part with a high pick, they'd need McNabb to agree to an extension. It's likely that the 33-year-old would balk at a long-term deal with a team so far removed from playoff contention.

Whether you'd like to see McNabb in a Rams uni or not, this just wouldn't be a sound move for the team.

Of course, maybe there's nothing to it as a later report says that the Eagles are refusing offers for McNabb.