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Random Ramsdom: 3/4/2010

Well, this is it everyone. It's the last day before the floodgates open. The Rams have been tendering players, so let's take a look at some news regarding that, and also, everyone's favorite subject: the draft.
  • The Rams have made their tenders, and here are the results. Take it for whatever you will, but apparently the Rams may be trying to low-ball screw O.J. Atogwe out of near 6 million dollars by tendering him at the lowest possible level available. That's loyalty.
  • The Cardinals apparently want just a third round pick for Anquan Boldin. Is that low enough for the Rams to kick the tires? Another intriguing option, Richard Marshall (CB) of the Panthers was only tendered at a second round level. It's high, but he's been like clockwork the past four seasons, putting up some nice numbers. Kirk Morrison (LB) from the Raiders is also a third-round tender. It's going to be verrry interesting to see which team ends up with 15 draft picks.
  • Speaking of free agency, here is a list of RB's that could compliment Steven Jackson, compliments of Mark from Ramsgab.
  • Pipe-dream ended: The Bears aren't the idiots we thought they were- they aren't trying to trade Greg Olsen
  • Joe Haden is one of those players that you look at and say, "his draft stock is falling? They're saying low first round now?" and smile. Need or not, if he slipped to the Rams at #33...
  • Last but not least, Mike Sando has an NFC West "free agent primer." Prepare yourselves.
Enjoy the last capped Thursday of your life!