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Rams will work out Texas QB McCoy

The ink had barely dried on the glowing reviews of Sam Bradford's Monday workout before a new round of speculation about whether or not the Oklahoma QB would sign with the St. Louis Rams as the first pick in the draft.

A little more gas has been added to those rumors today with the news that the Rams will hold a private workout with Texas QB Colt McCoy in Austin prior to the draft. Not even two hours old, McCoy's workout for the Rams has already prompted one national media outlet to ask if this has implications for the Rams' decision whether or not to draft Bradford in just three short weeks. 

The Rams, like any team who approaches the draft logically (i.e. not the Raiders), are conducting their due diligence on the prospects that are likely to be available to them with early draft picks. And since they need a QB and McCoy has at least second round potential, checking him out just makes sense. 

However, the most recent Bradford talk does add a new wrinkle to their workout with Colt McCoy. 

It is not outside the realm of possibility that the Rams won't receive a trade offer for the first overall pick, especially if the Redskins' brass is as hyped about Bradford as the media there makes it sound. And of course, Washington isn't the only team interested in Bradford; Cleveland has 12 picks in this year's draft and new president Mike Holmgren has made no secret of his admiration for Bradford. 

If a trade offer for Bradford does emerge that is to the Rams liking, it makes sense for them to know the possibilities around their other options at QB in the draft. 

It could be even simpler than that; it usually is. The Rams may not be able to get a deal done with Bradford or they just might prefer Ndamukong Suh. 

McCoy, Bradford, Clausen...we'll see which player(s) the Rams believe can fit their needs under center for years to come; however, I don't think the Rams can get out of this draft, the first or possibly second round, without a QB.