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Jimmy Clausen, remember him?

Unless his arm falls off between now and April 22, the speculation that the St. Louis Rams might not be able to sign QB Sam Bradford - who is still just one of the Rams' potential top picks in the draft - is not going to subside. Not when the Redskins are reportedly the other team with a keen interest in the former Oklahoma QB. 

If the Redskins, or any other team for that matter, are willing to make a lucrative offer similar to what the Giants gave up for Eli Manning six years ago, then Rams GM Billy Devaney would have to listen. Of course, if they're truly convinced that Bradford is the guy they want, working out a contract shouldn't be an insurmountable obstacle, as long as Bradford is willing to play in St. Louis.

Trade or not, I don't believe the Rams can get out of the first round of this draft without a quarterback. In that case, it's worth getting to know Jimmy Clausen, the only other QB in this draft with unquestionable first round credentials. 

There's probably no bigger Clausen supporter than Walter Football, where they compare him to Kurt Warner. To wit:

Warner and Clausen both exhibit the same three-quarter release, they get the ball out quickly, and are extremely decisive/intelligent quarterbacks. Clausen has a stronger arm.

That's high praise. Here's the scouting report from and Mocking the Draft. The scouting reports make it seem as though Clausen would definitely be able to run a West Coast offense, since, duh, that what he ran in college under Charlie Weis. The question I have is whether or not he has more of that total package, all around QB ceiling that many think Bradford does? 

We'll know plenty more on Friday, April 9 when Clausen has his pro day in South Bend.