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Bears TE Greg Olsen on the trading block?

I don't know what moves the St. Louis Rams have planned on the trade front when the league opens the gate tomorrow at midnight, but they have some options out there to fill their need for a tight end. 

We've mentioned before, more than once, the possibility of acquiring Broncos TE Tony Scheffler. There's a new name you can add to the list now, one that comes to you courtesy of Mike Martz: Bears TE Greg Olsen.

Olsen projects as the odd man out in Martz's offense, and the team is already making public whispers about bringing in former Ram and current Charger Brandon Manumaleuna in a system that likes TEs as blockers first, receivers second. 

Right now, the Cardinals and Patriots are said to be interested, but depending on the price, Olsen is a guy the Rams should look into to fit their need for a speedy, receiving threat at TE.