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Farr: Nobody wants to be Marc Bulger

Words hurt, D'Marco Farr, words hurt. The former St. Louis Rams defensive lineman and Rams' broadcaster offered a candid assessment of starting QB Marc Bulger on the NFL Network yesterday. 

I think that ship has sailed. I think Marc Bulger has played his last snap for the St. Louis Rams, and I'm confident in saying that. Now there's a guy with all the talent in the world in my opinion. Has the same brain as Kurt Warner; they were trained under the same guy in Mike Martz. But absolutely no charisma. I mean the quarterback position is the guy everyone on the team wants to be. I don't think anyone wants to be Marc Bulger, so they're gonna need a new quarterback coming into 2010, either through free agency or through the draft.

It's a sad deal because the guy can wing the football. I mean the guy can flat play. But it's just -- he has aboslutely zero presence. Kyle Boller had a bigger presence than Marc Bulger did last season, and Kyle Boller is not half the player Marc Bulger is.

When people stop being polite and start getting real, huh? There's nothing in that statement that hasn't been said on this site many times in the past as we searched for an answer as to Bulger's troubles, not that lack of charisma leads to throwing more INTs. But it does speak to the leadership the coaches are looking from their top players, something they've talked about since day one. 

If Farr's sentiments are shared around Rams Park, then I'm sure potential first overall pick Sam Bradford's press conference at the Combine made an impression

Farr still said the Rams should find a QB through free agency.