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Bradford looks comfortable at his pro day workout

Sam Bradford just wrapped his pro day workout in Norman, OK. Will the St. Louis Rams be drafting him first overall now? Obviously, it's way to early for that. Here are my impressions from the workout.

  • His throws were sharp, just like you would have expected. Tomahawk missiles should be so accurate. 
  • He was 50 for 50.
  • I can't speak to the punch on his deep throws, but I did not see receivers making adjustments on them and they seemed to be running the pre-programmed routes at game speed. 
  • No grimaces, no awkward throwing motion, his shoulder was not an issue today.
  • How do read a QBs movement and decision making with no pass rushers, etc.? It's gotta be tough. Nevertheless, I was impressed with the throws he made while moving. 

Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo came up and talked to Bradford a little bit more right after the workout continued. Reading faces, it didn't look like the follow-up to their breakfast today was just a bunch of post-workout glad handing. 

Potential first pick Gerald McCoy was on hand, and was heard to say "King Sam" at one point. Some pundit reaction:

John Hoover, the OU beat writer from the Tulsa  World, called two deep balls "brillant" and said he looked "fantastic" and "uncanny." 

Here's Chris Lincoln of Tulsa's ABC affiliate:

Sam Bradford was incredible! Threw wide variety of 50 passes on his Pro Day Wait until you hear who NFL veteran Gil Brandt compares him to.

Crews whisked Bradford off following his conversation with Sapgnuolo for a live ESPN standup, in which he revealed that he also has four holes-in-one.