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Waiting for Bradford

The St. Louis Rams' top brass are in Norman, Oklahoma today getting ready for the Sam Bradford show, otherwise known as his Pro Day workout...the first real look at the quarterback throwing the football and doing other kinds of quarterback type things since he was injured in OU's season opener. The workout starts at 11 a.m. local time (Central).

Though you think the expectations are high, ESPN's Chris Mortensen cites a Rams source as saying that scouts, coaches, front office types, etc. don't expect to be wowed by Bradford, who'll be throwing for the first time in a while. I'm sure how he performs under the glare of the spotlight will figure heavily into the equation. Don't expect a decision too soon from the Rams, Mort's report says that the team won't make a final decision about drafting Bradford until he works out privately for the Rams on April 19. (There's some confusion here; the Washington Post is reporting that the Rams will have a private workout with Bradford on April 12).

Bradford's situation with his shoulder seems to be a non-issue at this point; team doctors are "comfortable" with the quarterback's health. 

You're going to read a lot of stories this morning about Bradford's pro day and his draft stock. Take it with a grain of salt. Bradford would not be throwing today if his arm weren't at full-strength. It would be more of a shock if he didn't make the throws. Today's workout represents the process of due diligence. Yes, Rams personnel want to see how he looks, since nobody has seen him throw in quite some time, but it's just part of the larger process of getting to know this player and how comfortable they are with making him a very rich man. 

Billy Devaney and his staff will visit and have private workouts with the other potential number one picks as well. You can be sure that Bradford will get plenty of extra vetting given the GM's experience with Ryan Leaf and Michael Vick, than the other players.

Steve Spagnuolo is having (or has had) breakfast with him this morning.

Keep it tuned to TST for Bradford updates throughout the day.