PFT report: Devaney upset Atogwe's name was floated

-This was posted on NBC sports PFT by Greg Rosenthal.

One reason that Rams G.M. Billy Devaney came out so strongly against the Donovan McNabb trade rumors was the inclusion of safety O.J. Atogwe's name.

Speaking on Bernie Miklasz's radio show, Devaney wasn't happy that Atogwe's name was mentioned.  Devaney said the Rams are trying to sign Atogwe long-term, and they don't want any "bad rumors" to create collateral damage.

The floated rumors, then, were not just premature.  They were ill-conceived.

Including Atogwe's name forced the Rams to dismiss the report publicly and potentially damaged the chances of a future trade.

    The reason I post this is because Devaney says there are talks of a deal being worked on, but as far as I know there hasnt been anything out of atogwe's camp or the Rams office in regards to a deal being worked on until this report.