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LeFevour just 'meh' at his Pro Day

My goodness, after yesterday's flurry of activity and the draft now less than a month away, it feels like a day without rumor is a day without sunshine. Oh well, back to reality, more specifically, let's talk more draft. 

Central Michigan QB Dan LeFevour threw for scouts et al at his pro day yesterday. The results? How's this for damning someone with faint praise, "solid, not spectacular."

His deep passes were the problem. His deep throws lacked accuracy, causing receivers to alter their routes. Is that something that can be corrected at the NFL level? That remains to be seen. Quarterbacks (and all players for that matter) each come to the draft with questions about their ability. LeFevour's deep throws underscore the different kinds of question marks that separate first round quarterbacks from the rest of the pack. 

There's more mock draft action going on over at Mocking the Draft as the SBN bloggers mock draft dives into the mix. The Chiefs just used their fifth pick for what's been the first surprise of the draft so far. Check it out.