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Rams Snag Two More Giants

First off, a thanks to Mark Clark for pointing this article out to me, and also to TrojanRam who was first to report the news on TST.

The Rams today signed Kevin Dockery (CB) and Darcy Johnson (TE), both of whom are ex-Giants. VanRam had an article about Dockery awhile ago, in which he points out Dockery would most likely fit in as the nickelback. I tend to agree with Van, he'd definitely be an upgrade over the players we have currently, and barring setback (or the loss of O.J. Atogwe), he would help build a solid secondary for the Rams. I don't know too much about Darcy Johnson, but given the need at TE, more players couldn't hurt.

What I don't understand however, is the PFT article (linked above). I'm not sure if Gregg Rosenthal had a bad day today, but he has absolutely no love for the Rams. He wrote that:

Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo is threatening to be the poster boy of the problem.

(signing players from the coaches former team)

While there are examples of this strategy not working out, I find it strange that he slams Spagnuolo for bringing players, his players, to the Rams. Spagnuolo accomplished a lot in New York with these players and even if they only provide depth, you can't exactly knock the coach for trying to find talent. It's not like the Rams are loaded with it anyway. Rosenthal also attacks James Butler:

Last offseason, the first unrestricted free agent Spagnuolo signed was safety James Butler, another former Giant. 

Ask any Rams fan how that one worked out.

James Butler had a good season last year. He was injured, but when paired with O.J. Atogwe, the Rams had a respectable duo at the two safety positions. I'm not sure if this is just another case of, "I've never watched the Rams, but their record is 1-15, so everyone on the team must suck," but the team does have a few bright spots, James Butler being one of them. He's not a shut down safety, but I think the saying, "the whole is better then the parts," fits in here.

So Gregg, stop being a hater, and TST, say hello to two more ex-Giants.