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Owners meeting: OT changes and a Khan update

NFL owners gather today for the first of a three day annual meeting -- you know, the thing that pushed Bradford's workout back from 3/25 to 3/29 -- in which they will decide on a few things.

Leading off the morning is an address from Commissioner Roger Goodell focused on the state of the labor negotiations...or lack thereof. As you know, the league is without a cap this season and staring down the barrel of a lockout next year. Anxiety is high, and though Goodell is unlikely to reveal any news or a new stance from the league, what he says could offer plenty of opportunity to read between the lines.

Highlighting the actual voting agenda is the proposed change to the overtime rules for postseason play. Under the proposal, teams cannot win a game on the opening possession by kicking a field goal, a la the NFC Championship this year. It takes the approval of 24 of 32 owners, and attempts to change OT before have come up short.

The St. Louis Rams ownership situation is on the docket this week, but only for beginning discussions about the proposed sale. Chip Rosenbloom is still representing the St. Louis Rams at the owners meeting this week...because he still owns the team along with his sister. Khan and his offer for the Rams will have to be vetted. The PD has a full rundown of the process. Owners will likely vote to approve the sale at their meeting in late May.