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Random Ramsdom, 3/21: QBs, trades and housekeeping

NFL news is taking a back seat to March Madness this weekend, but with so many brackets now in shreds, so many spending orgies fueled by office pool winnings now on hold, we can get back to it. 

First, some housekeeping. Big apologies for the spam comments lately. We're trying to get a handle on them. They're coming from an IP address in China, but at least you can get a deal on your next Ed Hardy t-shirt. 

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One more thing before some links...a huge props to everybody that creates fan posts. We consistently have some of the best on any of the sports blogs, and I want to say thanks to our awesome community. Be sure to read the fan posts and recommend them so that others experience them as well. That said, here are a couple of recommended fan posts for your reading pleasure...

Clausen vs. Bradford
Clausen's name has really fallen out of the debate. In fact, I read somewhere the other day that the Rams now had S Eric Berry in their top four. Swatsky has a comparison.

Unlikely, But Anything Can Happen
GreatestShowOnTurf takes a look at the possibilities of swapping with the Browns, who are very keen on Sam Bradford, for the first overall pick.

And more links...

If Bradford dazzles at pro day, Rams should select QB No. 1
Buck Brooks at offers his take on the top players in the draft.

Jimmy Clausen Interview
Lost between the Bradford talk and the Tebow love, Walter Football talks with Jimmy Clausen.

Moving westward and taking in the rest of the division...

The 49ers Front Office: A Critical Year Redux
The 49ers front office troubles as told by 49ers fans.

Cardinals Sign LB Joey Porter
The Arizona Cardinals came to terms with free agent linebacker Joey Porter on Friday.

The Two Drafts that Helped End Tim Ruskell's Seahawks Career
Bad drafts didn't just happen in St. Louis.