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8-pick preview of 3k's mock, 4.0

  The mock drops Monday; the arguments begin shortly after.  But to get your juices flowing, here's 7 picks that changed the course of the mock to tide you over until Monday.

8 - Oakland- Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland

  Not an incredibly original pick post-combine, but one that makes sense, given the Raiders' needs, their options with their 1st pick, and the 400-year-old robotdemonzombie named Al Davis.  Of course, nobody values Campbell in the top 10, so stretching this deep to take a workout warrior has reverberating effects on the rest of the 1st.  Seven more preview picks after the jump.

16 - Tennessee - Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida

  Along with the offensive tackles, their face-to-face opponents (DEs) make up another tough to mock group.  JPP might have the highest upside along with Derrick Morgan (DE, Ga. Tech), but playing on the same line as George Selvie (DE, S. Florida) and not showing a repertoire as deep as Morgan puts him damn near anywhere in the first.  

20 - Houston - CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson

  Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson formed, arguably, the most potent passing duo in football last year.  The Texans' aerial successes glossed over a pretty dismal running game, though, largely due to Steve Slaton who, to damn near everyone's surprise, sucked.  Bad.  And then got hurt.  Spiller puts Houston in a better position in the running and return facets and would be a great back-by-committee choice to pair with Slaton in 2011.

32 - New Orleans - Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri

  Not a controversial pick, but it means he won't be there for the Rams.  Who do we grab at 33 if he's not there?

15 (47) - New England (via Tennessee) - Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona

  Talented, hard-nosed and oft-injured.  With Ben Watson gone, the need is there for the Pats.  Despite the injuries (which cannot be overlooked, underestimated, brushed aside, etc.), I can see the Pats bringing him on as their #1 TE.

31 (63) - Indianapolis - Daryl Washington, OLB, TCU

  Another OLB (and thus a possible Ram target) gone at the end of a round.  Third round options -1.

3 (67) - Tampa Bay - Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU

  The big drop from the WR prospects will be Brandon LaFell whose performance in his last year in college and subsequent efforts in the offseason have gone to suggest he's a big body and not much more.  Tampa could use one, and would get solid value for him here...unless someone thinks they can get more out of him in the 2nd round.

29 (93) - Minnesota - Jevan Snead, QB, Ole Miss

  Favre's understudy would have traveled a long road since arriving on campus at Texas, being beat out by Colt McCoy to follow in Vince Young's footsteps, shooting up draft boards his junior year only to nose dive his senior year.  Are the Vikings getting a rocket arm that can make every throw or an unsettled head that makes poor decisions and sees throwing lanes that don't exist in college, let alone the NFL?

  On Monday, these and 87 other picks make up my next to last mock before the draft.  Stop by and drop your 2¢.