Clausen vs. Bradford

I don't understand why everyone has written off Clausen as a pick. If we really are going to pass on Suh, I still praying we won't, then why is Bradford the only option. Even as everyone is talking about Bradford's character it was Clausen that played through a year injured and still put up ridiculous numbers. Bradford's from a spread offense that is built to make quaterbacks look incredible while Clausen worked from a Pro-style West Coast offense behind a bad offensive line and struggling running game. Clausen has already been forced to play through adversity and succeeded while Bradford was babied and injured twice already. The only knock against Clausen is that he sometimes floats deep balls in. He only threw 4 interceptions compared to 28 touchdowns from a pro-style offense as a junior who played injured. That blows my mind, I think everyone has to read this article from WalterFootball, After all this I'm still 100% behind Suh, that man's a ferocious man beast just waiting to be let loose on Alex Smith, Matt Hasselbeck and Matt Leinart or whatever other QB has the bad luck of lining up against him.