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Injury Watch

This time of the year is exciting. Bringing in new players, looking at scouting reports, playing arm-chair GM. It is probably one of the best times of year for a die-hard NFL fan. But with all the talk about who the Rams could bring in, it's still unclear what will happen to some of the players that didn't make it out of the 2009 season unscathed. Here are a look at some players that will be coming back and could factor into plans for the future:


1) Fletcher Bradley/Bradley Fletcher

For all intents and purposes, he's supposedly "ahead of schedule." This great and all, but with the severity of that injury, there are going to be quite a few things that he's going to be a little rusty at. He was developing well, and with the recent pseudo-release of Jonathan Wade, all signs point to go for his return as a starting CB. There really isn't anyone else on the roster worthy of starting (at least at this point), so putting a lot of faith into someone with a serious injury is somewhat a cause of concern. Hopefully he'll be able to bounce back like Steven Jackson instead of a post-mojo Austin Powers, aka Tye Hill.

2) Adam Carriker

This second case is more puzzling then the first. Unlike Bradley "Fletcher Bradley" Fletcher, it isn't really known what Adam Carriker can do. He's had a slew of injuries (much like Setterstrom) that's hampered just about everything he's tried to accomplish. With or without Suh, the defensive line situation was starting to look up. Chris Long had a good second half of the season, Darrell Scott looks like a good rotation DT and the Rams good results out of Leonard Little and James Hall even at their old age. I still think Carriker can become a good player, but some say he's out of position, (some don't). The question is clear: can Spagnuolo help salvage his career?

3) Laurent Robinson

Robinson looked good in the preseason, and after he was injured, people expected him to come right back to the top of the depth charts when he was healthy. Unfortunately, he hasn't completed a full season since his rookie year (two years ago). The Rams need WR help regardless and it's not clear if he can help much considering the Rams have no idea who the QB will be next year. Personally, he's the one in the best position out of this group to make a good recovery.

4) Gary Gibson

I haven't heard his name come up too much recently, but when he was playing, he wasn't too bad. Like Darell Scott, he figures to be a good part of the rotation at DT. Whether or not the Rams choose to bring him back depends on their draft plans of course, but at the very least, he'd be a solid DT for depth and with the Rams recent injury problems, solid depth is a pretty nice thing to have.

5) Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford isn't on the team (yet). But I doubt any one players injury is more important to the Rams at this point. If his shoulder doesn't check out? Welcome Ndamukong Suh. If it does? Say hello to the next QB of the Rams. That's probably how it is going to shake out, so it's going to be very important that Bradford can do anything and everything he's called to do during and after his pro-day.


Any players I missed? Disagree? Sound off in the comments!