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Rams discussed trading for McNabb, until they didn't

Another QB rumor involving the St. Louis Rams, this time, surprisingly enough, it has nothing to do with potential first overall pick Sam Bradford...though it does involve a quarterback. 

The Post-Dispatch, long known for the rigorous standards among their columnists (Fletcher Bradley anyone?), featured a piece from Bryan Burwell today mentioning that the Rams have been in contact with the Philadelphia Eagles exploring the potential of trading for veteran QB Donovan McNabb. Here's the, um, well-edited nugget from Burwell's column:

According to more than one well-informed source, the Rams have had intense internal conversations with the Philadelphia Eagles about a trade for Pro Bowler Donovan McNabb.

Internal conversations held externally with the Eagles? The really questionable part comes in the graph below that, when Burwell wonder if the Rams can get a second round pick for Alex Barron (they can't). He then goes on to suggest that the Rams, a franchise in desperate need of young talent, use a second round pick to acquire McNabb. Great idea. Trade away a second round pick in a draft deep with talent for an aging (though still good) QB with a lengthy injury history. Regardless of who you'd like to see the Rams draft with their first round pick, this would not be a smart move. If the Rams don't want to use their first pick on a QB, I'd just keep Bulger and find legit talent in the draft to put around him. Why not, since they wouldn't be very competitive anyway?

Bernie Miklasz shoots Burwell's report down, quoting Spagnuolo as saying that the Rams have had no conversations with the Eagles about trading for McNabb.