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Mock drafts giving Sam Bradford to the Rams

With the Combine (mostly) over, a rash of updated mock drafts are breaking out all over the internet. Naturally, those mock drafts are looking different now. And who are the St. Louis Rams taking with the first overall pick in these mock drafts?

Posted this morning, the mock draft at Yahoo's Shutdown Corner NFL blog, written by Doug Farrar, has the Rams drafting Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford. Here's Farrar's take:

When Bradford weighed in at 236 pounds at the Combine, a 13-pound gain from his previously listed weight, he also showed lean muscle that could put to rest previous durability concerns. Bradford said at the Combine that his recovery from shoulder injuries has him at about 85 percent. By his Pro Day on March 25, my guess is that he'll put on the kind of show that will have the Rams realizing the value of his potential franchise quarterback status.

A week ago, mock drafters were split between otherwordly Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh and Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen. All that's changing now thanks to a week of whispers from pundits and 13 pounds of muscle. 

Draft Tek has a new mock draft up this morning as well, mirroring the Bradford emerging conventional wisdom.