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Random Ramsdom: 3/18/2010


One can only hope the meeting with Willie Parker goes well. I've always liked him, and hopefully he can resurrect his career and help the Rams win a few games as well. Here is some other news from around the interweb:

  • Mike Sando goes over the NFC West QB situations. You're never gonna guess who he said would be starting this year for the Rams...
  • Ottoman89 has a post over at Ramsherd talking about picking that other guy: Jimmy Clausen. I'm sure most of you know how I feel about Clausen, but with the way the media rolling with Sam Bradford, I think the Cubs are more likely to win the world series.
  • Mocking the draft has a scouting report on Brandon LaFell, one of the many WR options for the Rams in the draft. Also, some TEBOW-MANIA!!!
  • If you are interested, you can watch the Patriots vs. Lions game on Thanksgiving. That ought to be an even match-up...
  • I wouldn't mind the Rams taking a look at Brian Westbrook. He may not have much left (he did average 4.5 ypc last year...), but if Willie Parker doesn't work out, why not take a chance?
  • Someone also pointed me to this article: an analysis of the busts rates for QB's and DT's. It's a little old (about a month) but for anyone who isn't sure about who to support in the draft, take a look.

Enjoy Thursday!