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Random Ramsdom 3/17

I wanted to let everyone know that I'll be working on posting regularly again. I'm in my last semester of college on a runaway train towards real life (what's that?). Job searches and classes have kept me away, but hopefully as things settle down I'll be a regular voice here again. With that out of the way, on to some Rams news!


  • The St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame revealed its first class of inductees. It's list is packed full of former redbirds, but football redbird great Dan Dierdorf does make an appearance. Check out the rest of the inductees.
  • The Bleacher Report weighs in on who the Rams will take with their first overall pick. Hint: his name starts with "N" and ends with "damukong". Personally, I think despite what the experts say about Suh's potential, the Rams need a quarterback. If you read Van's bit about Dez Bryant, you know his stock is falling. Sam Bradford paired with Bryant could be a very dynamic duo that frees up defenders from Donnie Avery (fingers crossed Bryant falls). Anyway, point is, I'd rather see Bradford than Suh at number one.
  • In case you were interested, here's a list of the how much Rams players were rewarded through the NFL's performance-pay system. At the top of the list is Danny Amendola, who received a nice $176,427 chunk of change for his surprising year.
  • Jim Thomas says via Mike Sando that Adam Carriker may not be moving to the Skins per say, but could be moving on from Rams Park eventually.
  • Great article from the New York Times about owners of professional sports teams trying to sell their teams in a recession (the Rams are mentioned towards the end).

Have a good Wednesday and GO RAMS.