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Rams bringing in Damian Williams and Colt McCoy for April visits

The draft is just about a month away, and during that time the St. Louis Rams, like every other team, will be attending pro day events and bringing up to 30 of the top players on their draft board into the Gateway City for a visit as part of their due diligence. 

A couple of interesting names on the list for an STL trip thus far include USC receiver Damian Williams and Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. Both players will visit Rams Park on April 13 and 14, according to this report...and this one

Both players could figure into the Rams plans for their second round pick, #33, the first pick of the round. I know we have lots of Trojan fans on this site, so I'll let those of you who've seen him play talk more about him. What I know about Williams, besides the Mitch Mustain saga, is that he's a polished route runner with good hands. He reminds me of Torry Holt. I know that there will be some tough decisions to make at #33 with the kind of talent that will be available.

Colt McCoy comes with all kinds of questions and criticisms, too small, spread quarterback, not enough arm, etc. He'll throw for the first time since his 2009 injury at Texas' pro day on March 29. Where McCoy goes in the draft remains to be seen; mock drafts put him anywhere between the early second and late third round. He'd be on the Rams radar if they opt for Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy with the first overall pick. 

Scouts from the Rams were also on hand to watch Youngstown State WR Donald Jones. The Gateway Conference receiver ran the 40-yard dash in 4.49 seconds. Jones is a good route runner with nice hands who impressed teams at the Combine this year. Right now, he's projected to be a 6th round pick at best.