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Bryant's stock falling

Hear that? It's the distinct Stuka-like wailing siren of draft stock falling. Happens every spring. This time, the high profile prospect taking a fall is Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant. 

Bryant has again moved his pro day, private workout really, for the third time, from March 10 to March 25 and now settling on March 30.

That news comes on the heels of whispers we reported yesterday about Bryant's draft stock falling amidst concerns among NFL coaches and front office guys that he's a big risk. If that pushed Bryant into the second round, would it be worth the St. Louis Rams taking a flyer on him with their 33rd pick? I just don't that happening. Bryant's too good of a player, even with questions, to fall outside of the first round.

Bryant can halt the fall of his draft status on March 30, so stay tuned.