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Random Ramsdom: 3/15/2010

The Rams were not involved in a big trade the other day. I can't believe they'd pass up the opportunity to snag Brady Quinn. I mean, he has a 52.1% career passing percentage, 10 touchdowns to 9 interceptions, shares a name with Tom Brady and has those amazing EAS commercials. It's a sad day for Rams fans indeed. These might cheer you up though:
  • The Rams came to terms with Hank Fraley. He seems like he'll be able to provide good depth at the offensive line. One thing that might (or might not) be obvious is that the Rams are picking up free agents for depth. Might not be flashy, but when the injury bug bites (is it wishful thinking to replace 'when' with 'if'?) it'll help out in the long run.
  • One trade I wouldn't have minded happening for the Rams however, is that of Shaun Hill being traded to the Lions. I know the 49ers are division rivals, so it's probably far-fetched, but for only a 2011 7th rounder? That's a pretty sweet deal for a somewhat-young QB with starting experience.
  • Mike Sando talks in his mailbag about a Glenn Dorsey, Adam Carriker trade. Can't say I disagree. It won't happen (I'm crossing my fingers anyway), but it's something for you to dream about at work.
  • This came out a couple of days ago, but a study found that Field Turf is more likely to increase injuries. Good thing the Rams now have the roll-up Magic Carpet II system!
Enjoy your Monday!