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Washington interested in Adam Carriker

Here's a trade rumor to get you through the night.'s Jason La Canfora cites "league sources" as saying that the Washington Redskins have contacted the St. Louis Rams about the possibility of trading for DT Adam Carriker.

Carriker was the Rams first round pick in 2007. He struggled in his time with the Rams, missing the entirety of his third season in 2009 with a bum shoulder that he injured in the preseason...when he was competing with Gary Gibson for his starting job. 

Who knows what to make of this. The Haslett connection certainly lends it some extra viability, and Carriker might be better suited as a DE in a 3-4 defense. If the Rams were willing to swap Carriker, what kind of return could they get? With Washington moving to the 3-4 there are bound to be some players not able to make the transition. DE Andre Carter could get moved according to the report, but that wouldn't exactly be a fair return for Carriker, who I believe still has some value. What would it take to get Jason Campbell

I know Carriker isn't the most popular of Rams players, considering his draft spot, but he would have use as part of the Rams rotation at DT, and he's only got three years under his belt, having only played two of those years. He may never live up to his potential, but could be useful nonetheless. 

Stay tuned. Just because someone is asking for a trade doesn't mean it will happen. Hat tip to TST member thisguy for the fanpost