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Saints marching in on James Hall

Oh the punnery! St. Louis Rams free agent DE James Hall is a priority for the New Orleans Saints who see Hall as the replacement for starting DE Charles Grant

The Rams have openly stated a desire to bring back Hall and/or Leonard Little. Little, at 35, is more of a situational pass rusher at this point in his career, and the Saints are looking for an every down guy. That's postponed their visit with Little. 

No word on any progress the Rams have made with either player.

Just my opinion, but defensive end has to be a priority in this draft...more than DT, again, in my opinion. I'll be interested to see what players are available in the second and third rounds for the Rams. We've talked about the possibility of the Rams leveraging their 33rd pick - the first of the second round - for more picks, but there's always the possibility of using it to trade up into the back end of the first round too. 

Chris Long shared his thoughts on the situation with Little and Hall in an interview I conducted with him yesterday. Look for that tomorrow on TST. Shameless self-promotion.