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Rams spend time with OL Mike Johnson at 'Bama Pro Day

Reading the draft talk lately, you might be surprised to learn that the St. Louis Rams are doing their due diligence on players other than the four potential number one picks. Yeah, crazy, huh?

A team official was in Alabama yesterday for the National Champs' Pro Day. After taking diet notes about Mount Cody's secret to slimming down from 370 to 348 lbs, the Rams' representative spent some quality time with First-Team All American offensive guard Mike Johnson. Center drills, including shotgun and under center snaps, were post-workout test administered by the Rams. 

Though he was primarily Alabama's left guard, he has started at left tackle as well. Johnson has played all offensive line positions in his career thus far, except center. According to Johnson, many feel he projects as a center in the NFL, hence the snapping drills. 

CBS Sports and partner NFL Draft Scout have him pegged as a third round pick. Walter Football has him in the 4th round

Obviously, the Rams are and will look at lots of player between now and the end of April, but this is an indication that offensive linemen are on their mind. I can't speak much to Johnson's ability, other than having seen a pretty damn impressive Alabama run game a few times this season, but finding versatile linemen, at least a guy who can move smoothly between guard and center, would be a good player to have.