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Vick thinks he can be a impact player in St. Louis (updated)

If you're wanting more fodder for speculation on the St. Louis Rams quarterback front, here's some fuel for the fire.

Michael Vick told local sports talk radio ESPN 101 that he could have a real impact in St. Louis, going so far as to reach out to GM Billy Devaney. Check it out:

I think I can be the difference maker on any team, especially a team like the St. Louis Rams, who need a lot of help and will get it based on their ownership and the general manager (Billy Devaney) they have who is a great guy and I know from Atlanta.

All that probably means bupkis right now. Word is the Eagles are asking for a second round pick, a hefty price tag when you've got the first pick of the second round. 

It still seems unlikely that the Rams would make a trade for Vick, unless they're actively collecting former Eagles backup QBs. 

UPDATE: And we've got more drama on the Eagles QB situation as it relates to the Rams and the NFC West. 

Sal Paolantonio (what a great war movie name: "Paolantonio, let's take this hill!") of ESPN was on a sports talk radio program in Philadelphia and said that interest in Michael Vick has "dried up." He mentioned the Rams specifically, along with the Bills. 

And on the larger NFC West, the Seahawks have reportedly been making frequent contact with the Eagles about the possibility of trading for either Donovan McNabb or Kevin Kolb, with intimation from Paolantonion that new head coach Pete Carroll wants to win now. Such a strategy seems a little precarious, Scott Linehan inherited an aging team operating under the same mentality and look how that turned out.