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3k's combine combinations, day 4 - DBs

  The last group to go through the combine consists of safeties and cornerbacks.  Your corner men.  Your deep bodies.  Your 3rd tier.  Your hardliners.  All of that good stuff and more.  Your future pick sixers after the jump.


Perrish Cox - CB, Oklahoma St.

  Perrish is the definition of a big play CB - big hands, big speed, big eyes, low technique.  He's going to rely on his natural abilities which should be on full display in the athleticism drills.  His combine will be key for him not just as a CB, but more for return opportunities.

Chris Cook - CB, Virginia

  The Sean Smith of the 2010 draft -- a huge CB with potential.  Cook has more natural CB skills (Smith was a converted WR after all), but he's got an injury history too.  He's got great finish speed, but I'm eager to see how quick he is.  His agility drills actually matter.

Amari Spievey - CB, Iowa

  The BradleyFletcherBradley comparisons are too easy, so I'll throw it out there (don't hate; imitate).  Spievey's a solid all-around CB whose top speed may not match the returner-types, but he can cover.  Isn't that what you want your CBs to do?  I'm interested to see how fast he can be when he trains for it.

Syd'Quan Thompson - CB, Cal

  If your team needs a tuny burner on the corner, Quan's a serious option.  I'm worried about his ability to play man in the NFL, but he should be able to come in immediately as a nickel man in year 1.  His measurements are key. 

Walter Thurmond, XVIII - CB, Oregon

  The most underrated CB in the draft?  He does plenty of everything in every facet.  If only he were three inches taller, he'd be battling Haden atop my board.  I'm just interested to see what he can't do. 

Alterraun Verner - CB, UCLA

  A poor man's Thurmond? These damn Pac-10 corners are tough to separate.  Thurmond looked a bit more shifty to me this year; Verner's got a chance to disprove that in Indy.

Nolan Carroll - CB, Maryland

  I had Carroll on my preseason CB watch list, and his early performances only proved why.  Two games into the season, and opponents were just going to the other side of the field.  A season-ending injury put a quick stop to that.  If he puts up the numbers I think he can (and measures well), I think someone could get a huge steal on day 3 in Carroll.


Taylor Mays - S, USC

  Mays has seen his stock stumble this year, though not as badly as others.  He's still oozes natural athleticism, and that should be front and center tomorrow.  A good showing keeps him on board as a day 1 pick.

Larry Asante - S, Nebraska

  Asante crawled under the spotlight in Nebraska's Suh-headed defense.  Not entirely fair.  Back when I was throwing out names for the bowls, I said Asante fell somewhere between the 3rd and 5th.  I'm still right there pre-combine.  He could get a bump from me by showing some good acceleration.  Overall athletic ability isn't his strong suit anyway.  And any unexpected power is always a plus. 

Kam Chancellor - S, Virginia Tech

  A bit later in that same piece, I had Chancellor going in the 4th or 5th.  I'd push that back to the 5th unless he comes out and wows in the athletic drills.  He's got great size, though, so he could be a nice day 3 grab regardless. 

Myron Rolle - S, Florida St.

  Rolle would do well to impress in the Prussian History exams.  Of course, if he fails to impress in neurosurgical theory, he's going to have to show up his peers in improvisational iambic pentameter drills.  What's that?  You don't konw Myron Rolle?!  Uh, how about this.  Life's more than just sports, asshole... unless it isn't.

So, in a couple days I'll throw out my winners & losers from the combine followed relatively shortly thereafter by a 2 or 3-round mock at which point I will begin hibernation only to be woken up by Chris Berman's screaming voice.  Holler.